Did you relocate to Vermont?

We know it can take a little time to get settled and meet people, but one of the many great things about Vermont is how friendly its residents are. Whether you’re looking for your town clerk’s office, the library, the post office, or the community center, there’s plenty of folks who’ll be happy to point you toward the building where all four can be found (kidding, mostly).

We happen to know a few enthusiastic locals who, in addition to directing you to the best restaurants and outdoor recreation, could 100% moonlight as writers. We’ll be posting these updates on our blog each month and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Southern Vermont Welcome Wagon Update 3/19/21

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

We write to you from the brighter side of Daylight Saving Time, and like you, we are taking all the bright sides we can get.

Just like the notorious 3.3 percent grade Heartbreak Hill at mile 20 of the Boston Marathon, mid-March in Southern Vermont gives us glimpses at how close we’ve come to spring, and reminders that winter’s last lion hasn’t roared yet. As the new owner of the iconic Blue Benn diner in Bennington put it recently, we’re just “throwing out temperatures like Powerball numbers… 66 40 32 58 24 13.”

One of the many reasons to celebrate John’s acquisition of the diner is that he returned to Bennington to do so, decades after graduating from Bennington College. For our returning Vermonters, reacclimating to the patterns of rural life, and reengaging with our communities, can feel like its own sort of spring thaw: a series of reminders, uneven from one day to the next, of what’s changed and what’s the same. There will not always be a Blue Benn to revive, but there will always be a library board that needs another perspective, a community garden that would love to welcome another member, or a Green Up Day crew that could use a hand in a few weeks.

As one does, we start small. The good news is that’s usually how it stays around here.

May your sugar shack visits be fancy and robust,

— The SoVermont Welcome Wagon Team: Alex, Casey, Jonathan, Matt, and Sarah


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