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Maybe you had already been planning a move and the pandemic gave that final nudge. Maybe during this crazy time vortex you looked up one day and found yourself in a picturesque valley. No matter how you landed here, we want to help you connect with the communities and career opportunities that make this region so special.

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”It can be intimidating to move here and the internet doesn’t have all the answers. Ask a Vermonter – we love to help. Personal relationships are how we do things here.”

– Kayla, Family Advocate

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”Rural lifestyle plus this unbelievable mix of people and things going on. I left city life and never looked back – we eat better food, see more music, spend more time outdoors and less time in traffic.”

– Zirwat, Community Development Director

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”My kid can play outdoors for hours, we can live in a community where people know one another, and I get to work with the absolute best people in my field, anywhere. That’s SoVermont. Being here is a dream come true.”

– Jamie, Circus Academy Director

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