Visit SoVermont

Living in Southern Vermont is the best of both worlds. At the end of a work day you power down the computer, turn off the lights and step outside. A daily dose of outdoor activity is part of the lifestyle with nature always at your doorstep. Taking time to enjoy life isn’t just a vacation thing. Snow sports and fall foliage are just the beginning. You’ll find world class ski and golf, and miles of mountain trails for hiking or snowmobiling. But locals also know the best pond for swimming on a hot July day, the secret fishing holes where the rainbows abound, and which trails to hit when the powder is fresh.

Visitors and locals alike enjoy Southern Vermont’s arts, events and festivals including world-famous Dorset summer theater and Marlboro music series. But the region’s creative economy is humming year-round. Your neighbor may be an author, engineer, sheep farmer, or all of the above. Pursue your own passions – take trapeze lessons or join a jazz band. There’s time to do what you love.