VERMONT MAKES DELICIOUS THINGS, including world class maple syrup and dairy products. The region’s value-added food and beverage manufacturing sector has doubled in size in terms of employment over the last ten years. This doesn’t capture the true scale of the food and beverage activity in the region which ranges from one-person operations to one of Vermont’s fastest growing manufacturers!

Bustling farmers markets feature locally crafted cheese and hot sauce, alongside the region’s stunning fresh produce. Locally crafted beer and coffee are on offer at local pubs and cafes. Tucked away in each corner of the region are bigger companies, manufacturers producing local products for national markets. The Vermont Country Store, a key player in bringing Vermont products to the world, has over 200 workers here. And while you may have never heard of C&S Wholesale, this national grocery logistics firm employs over 1,000 local people.

Vermont’s commitment to quality is part of the region’s attraction and the value consumers associate with the brands we export. Year-round the farm-to-table recipe mixes agricultural roots with a dose of innovation. The delicious results are enjoyed by locals and visiting foodies and exported to national markets by our craft brewers and distillers, cheesemakers, chocolatiers, boutique bakeries, and major factory operations.

You probably know our brands like Grafton Cheese, Green Mountain Creamery, Vermont Bread, Mocha Joe’s Coffee, Maplebrook Farm, and Against the Grain Gourmet natural foods.Trendy restaurants in Boston and New York name drop Vermont-sourced products. But if you live here, local food and drink is a way of life, and a great career path. If you want to be part of a local business making the world a little more delicious, opportunities abound.