Southern Vermont’s village centers, byways, and rural roads demonstrate a living architectural and landscape heritage, and the world-class design/build sector here is adding to this legacy every day. Merging the honed expertise of traditional building materials with cutting-edge technology, innovative applications, and integrated systems, master craftsmanship is visible at every stage from concept to execution. Maple Valley Design Build, Vermont Natural Homes, Vermont Barns, Real American Dream Homes, JMMDS, Helm Construction Solutions and Miller Earth Designs are just a few of the growing firms that offer start-to-finish services that fuse emerging technologies with traditional materials. Exceptional, award-winning designs from Bluetime Collaborative, Centerline Architects, LineSync Architecture, Goldstone Architecture and others are visible across the region and beyond, and local suppliers like WW Building Supply and rk Miles are increasingly seeing demand for their expertise coming from outside the region. Similarly, the active timbering and precast concrete operations in Southern Vermont, including Cersosimo Lumber, Allard Lumber and Dailey Precast, are exporting products and productivity all across the northeast.

The region is also home to a great many seasonal homes. As a result, the region enjoys a thriving real estate and property management sector. TPW Real Estate, Hale Resources, and W&B Management are just three of the many firms that have firm family roots in Southern Vermont, providing longtime residents and newcomers with the depth of knowledge that years of experience provide. And if you’re up for the challenge, they’re hiring!