We know what you’re thinking: “Wait a second, I can get paid $10,000 to move to Vermont” We get that—it’s awesome here (and it doesn’t hurt to get a little help making the move). Read on for a breakdown of the Vermont relocation grants you may have heard about as well as other kinds of supports that can help you make your move.

Incentives To Move

What were you saying about relocation incentives to move to Vermont?

There have been two types of Vermont relocation grants to take advantage of to get paid to move to Vermont The Remote Worker Grant Program, which awarded people with grants up to $5,000 and the New Vermonter Relocation Program, which reimbursed people for relocation costs of up to $7,500. While both programs are currently closed, you can check ThinkVermont.com for updates on relocation incentives.

Move to Vermont

incentives to move to vermontWell dang it, I want to move to Vermont anyway!  Is there anyone I can talk to about resources, jobs, incentives or other things?

Yes, we are focused on connecting prospective Vermonters with employment, housing, volunteer opportunities in the southern part of the state, and a community that will welcome them with open arms. Fill out ThinkVermont.com’s relocation intake form and our local Stay to Stay program coordinator will connect with you about moving to Vermont!

Why should I move to Southern Vermont?

One of the biggest reasons people move to Vermont is because of the access to nature and outdoor recreation, such as skiing, hiking and fishing. People also know that Vermont is a safe place to live and raise a family. What you may not have realized is that arts and culture are also a huge part of the Southern Vermont lifestyle, and we have a community that is committed to helping you make your home here. 

I am already a Southern Vermonter, how can I connect to these channels of support?

The Vermont Welcome Wagon Project’s focus is to give new Vermonters resources and connections to volunteer opportunities, recreation activities, and community. Sign up with our Southern Vermont Welcome Wagon to be connected with a host or become a host yourself!

“A Vermonter is not defined by the length of time they have spent in Vermont, rather a Vermonter is invested and inspired to create a thriving community in Vermont.”

Not sure where to start?

Learn more or contact us!